Portuguese is an Iberian Romance language which is the native language of about 220 million people. Worldwide there are approximately 260 million speakers of Portuguese, and it is the official language of Portugal, Brazil, Cape Verde, Guinea-Bissau, Mozambique, Angola, and São Tomé and Príncipe. Portuguese is one of the official languages in East Timor, Equatorial Guinea, and Macau. The Portuguese language is also spoken in parts of India (Goa & Daman and Diu), Sri Lanka (Batticaloa), Indonesia (Island of Flores), and Malaysia (Malacca region).

Portuguese is the fifth most spoken language in the world and is an official language of the European Union. Portuguese is a very important worldwide language that is becoming increasingly popular to learn because of Brazil’s thriving world economy. The fact that it is a gorgeous language that opens the door to an abundance of rich culture and history is the icing on the cake.

We have compiled the most comprehensive list of high-quality FREE language resources to help you to learn PORTUGUESE. Check them out below:

Free Resources to Learn Portuguese

Free Learning/Studying Apps

Duolingo iTunes – Google Play – Duolingo has become a leader in the language learning world and for good reason. It’s fast, fun, well designed, suitable for all ages, and turns learning a foreign language into a challenging and pretty addictive game.

TinycardsiTunesGoogle Play – Tinycards is a free flashcards app, from the creators of Duolingo, which uses spaced repetition and nicely designed “decks” to help you learn anything, including foreign languages. Tinycards uses gamification, like Duolingo, which makes it fun and easy to use.

Memrise iTunes – Google Play – Memrise is a really fast, fun and free language learning app / website that is sure to get you hooked. There is a visual flashcard component which also incorporates audio from a community of native speakers. Memrise uses spaced repetition and is really effective at drilling vocabulary and phrases into your memory.

Phrasebook iTunesGoogle Play – A handy little app to have on hand when traveling to Portuguese speaking countries, which helps you to easily access basic phrases and vocabulary.

Learn Portuguese by 50 Languages – This app is great for beginners (A1-A2) to increase practical vocabulary which is useful for managing everyday situations (at a store, restaurant, bank, doctor, etc). With the free version, you will have access to 30 complete lessons.

Learn Portuguese Phrasebook – This useful app will help you learn Portuguese words and sentences with recordings made by native speakers. The free version has 200+ practical phrases.

HelloTalkiTunes Google Play – HelloTalk is a global language learning social network that connects you with native speakers of other languages so that you can practice your speaking and listening skills with native speakers via text/audio messages and free audio and video calls. The free version allows you to choose one native language and one target language.

Internet Polyglot – iTunes – Google Play – This free app uses lessons, games, and pictures to teach foreign languages to beginners. Although Internet Polyglot is far from a standalone language learning tool, it is a useful supplement to help you to learn and retain vocabulary.

Beginner Portuguese Google Play – This app is based on the “learn a word a day” concept and uses a simple and direct approach to teaching Portuguese to beginners.

Start From Zero Portuguese – Google Play – This app will boost your vocabulary skills by helping you learn thousands of the most commonly used Portuguese words and phrases. It also offers quiz and flashcard functionality to test your progress.

6000 Words – Learn Portuguese Language for FreeiTunesGoogle Play – This app will teach you more than 6,000 Portuguese words with images, phonetic transcriptions and pronunciations recorded by native speakers. The vocabulary words are organized into 15 themes with 140 subtopics.

Free Portuguese Dictionary/Translation Apps

Portuguese English Dictionary & Translator iTunesGoogle Play – This free app works offline and provides detailed definitions, example sentences and pronunciation guidance for Portuguese & English words, as well as flashcards for learning.

Dictionary Linguee iTunes – Google Play – This fast and free Portuguese translation app works offline, is accurate and trusted by millions of people.

Portuguese Dictionary & Translator By AscendoiTunesGoogle Play – This free Portuguese dictionary & translator app works offline, offers a sentence translator, phrasebook, verb conjugator, vocabulary quizzes, and flashcards.

Google Translate iTunesGoogle Play – Google Translate offers online text translation between 103 languages by typing, offline translation for 59 languages, camera translation for 38 languages, image translation for 37 languages, conversation translation in 32 languages, and translation of handwritten characters in 93 languages. The app also has a phrasebook which allows you to save translated words and phrases for future reference in all languages.

Word Reference iTunesGoogle Play – The Word Reference app allows you access to the world’s most popular and powerful dictionary translation website, including forum discussions.

Dict CC iTunesGoogle Play – Dict.CC is a bidirectional dictionary offering 51 language combinations. The app can be used offline and vocabulary lists can be downloaded.

iTranslateiTunesGoogle Play – iTranslate is a leading free translator and dictionary app that provides translations for text in over 100 languages. Other functionality includes transliteration, sharing, favorites, history, and audio in both male and female voices. Voice to voice translations and the use of offline mode is not available with the free version.

The Apps Castle Portuguese English Translator – Google Play – This Portuguese English translation and dictionary app can be used offline and has built-in audio.

Klays-Development Portuguese-English Translator – Google Play – This free app translates words and complete sentences instantly. It features a favorites list, history, voice input and a user-friendly interface.

The Free Dictionary By Farlex iTunesGoogle Play – This dictionary and thesaurus app provides millions of precise definitions, drawn from the most trusted industry publications and sources, including idioms, slang, and etymology of words. The Free Dictionary works offline and offers additional functionality like voice search, sharing, games, word of the day, and more.

Reverso Dictionary iTunesGoogle Play – This app serves as dictionary and translator for millions of words and expressions, accompanied by contextual examples. Other features include a powerful linguistic search engine, natural pronunciation, phrasebook, flashcards and more.

Learn Portuguese with PortuguesePod101.com – This is a fun and helpful set of videos to add to your regular Portuguese language learning regimen.

Travel Linguist Portuguese 101 Video Lessons – This series of 20 short videos covers basic introductory vocabulary.

BBC Talk PortugueseThis BBC language series is a wonderful and practical introduction to Portuguese. It is aimed at beginners and focuses on really useful vocabulary and phrases. Learn how to introduce yourself, order food, and have everyday conversations with ease.

Easy Brazilian Portuguese – These YouTube videos are the work of a non-profit project which uses lighthearted street interviews as a method to teach languages. Each video has a topic and the host asks questions to native Portuguese speakers on the street based on the theme. Each video contains subtitles in both Portuguese and English. Check out the Brazilian Portuguese Phrases playlist for a handful of introductory Portuguese lessons, as well.

Conversa Brasileira Conversa Brasileira is a program created by Orlando Kelm for The Center for Open Educational Resources and Language Learning at the University of Texas at Austin. The program consists of a compilation of brief, unscripted video clips in which Brazilians talk in Portuguese about a variety of different topics. The objective of the program is to provide intermediate and advanced Portuguese language students a chance to hear real spoken Portuguese and show examples during natural conversations of how people take turns, rephrase sentences, indicate that they understand or need clarification, and so on. Each video clip is accompanied by a Portuguese transcription of the dialogs, an English translation, and analysis commentary.

Portuguese Communication Exercises – This is another program created by Orlando Kelm for The Center for Open Educational Resources and Language Learning at the University of Texas at Austin. It is a compilation of about 350 brief video clips of native speakers of Portuguese speaking about a wide range of topics, with accompanying Portuguese transcription and English translation. The objective of the unscripted video clips is to provide Portuguese language students with the necessary tools to be able to speak in Portuguese about those same topics. There are four levels of difficulty: Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced, Superior.

Portuguese With Carla – Carla Sabala is a successful (European) Portuguese teacher who offers free video and audio lessons, in addition to her paid one on one lessons. She employs the best teaching techniques so that you can learn Portuguese quickly and easily.

Portuguese Lab – Susana Morais, a professional Portuguese teacher from Lisbon, hosts a ton of in-depth Portuguese lessons on her YouTube channel. On her website you will find her free videos categorized by learning level (Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced) in addition to some free bonus features like transcripts, translations, exercises, extra lessons, worksheets, and grammar charts for her audio and video lessons.

  1. Portuguese Lab Beginner Lessons
  2. Portuguese Lab Intermediate Lessons
  3. Portuguese Lab Advanced Lessons

Rio and Learn Language Videos – This Brazil based language school hosts informative videos with some useful lessons on Portuguese vocabulary and expressions.

Learn Portuguese Now with Charles Nunes – The host of this YouTube channel is Charles Nunes, a Brazilian Portuguese teacher and author. Check out his One Minute Portuguese, Learn Portuguese At Home and Brazilian Portuguese Pronunciation playlists.

Semantica Portuguese – James Hall has been teaching Portuguese for over a decade and he believes that students learn best through video lessons as opposed to audio lessons. His method of teaching (The Semantica Method) uses video dialogs of real-life situations as a teaching tool. In addition to his YouTube channel, check out the free posts on his website.

Street Smart Brazil – These free lessons are brought to you courtesy of a Brazilian Portuguese language school.

European Portuguese – This YouTube channel features 13 European Portuguese lessons.

Practice Portuguese – This YouTube channel hosts a large selection of high quality video lessons focused on European Portuguese.

Tradutex Portuguese – You will find a small selection of pronunciation, vocabulary and grammar lessons for European Portuguese on this YouTube channel.

Professor Jason – With millions of views and fantastic reviews, Professor Jason’s high quality video lessons have been lauded for providing a very clear, structured and successful approach to learning Portuguese. His free Portuguese video lessons are organized by level (beginner, intermediate, and advanced) and by topic (grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation).

  1. Portuguese Video Lessons by Level
  2. Portuguese Video Lessons by Topic
  3. Jump Start Brazilian Portuguese Lessons

Hello Rusty – This YouTube channel focuses on teaching Brazilian Portuguese to beginners.

LangMedia – LangMedia provides language learning resources, including videos, audio, study guides, etc. LangMedia is run by the Five College Center for the Study of World Languages and their mission is to share examples of linguistic and cultural diversity with language learners. In the “Language by Country” section of the LangMedia website they provide videos which focus on practical aspects of everyday life (For Ex: Basic Communication, Shopping, Transportation, Culture and Social Life). The conversations often include colloquial language and all videos are accompanied by translations and transcripts. LangMedia highlights Portuguese in Brazil and in Angola.

Learn Portuguese with PortuguesePod101.comiTunes – This is a fun and informative podcast to add to your regular Portuguese language learning regimen. Every lesson is free for a period of time; each new audio and video lesson (3-5 lessons are published per week) is free to access for 3 weeks before being locked into their library, which can be accessed only with paid membership.

Learn Portuguese with BrazilianPodClassiTunes – This free weekly podcast teaches Brazilian Portuguese. It covers all of the relevant areas including pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar, and phrases.

Practice Portuguese Podcast – This high quality and free podcast is categorized by difficulty level so you can jump to the episodes that best fit your needs.

Portuguese SurvivalPhrases iTunes – These fun and innovative audio lessons teach basic Portuguese and are accompanied by PDF guides.

PortugueseLingQ iTunes – This Portuguese language learning podcast has 70 episodes which are entirely in Portuguese. To access the podcast transcripts you must sign up for a free account.

Really Learn Portuguese (RLP) iTunes – This free podcast was created by André Barbosa & Guilherme Mendes to teach Portuguese and share Brazilian culture in a fun and simple way.

Learn Portuguese by William A. Raymond Spotify – This free Spotify podcast teaches fundamental Portuguese grammar and very practical vocabulary and phrases to beginners.

Learn Portuguese with Spotify – This is a nice, comprehensive and free playlist of lessons put together by Spotify which teaches Portuguese to beginners.

Learn Brazilian Portuguese Fast by Language Superstar Spotify – This podcast on Spotify offers a few hours of Brazilian Portuguese language instruction spread over 10 lessons.

Learn Portuguese by Complete Language Lessons Spotify – 14 free Portuguese lessons on Spotify.

Learn Portuguese Step By Step by Alfonso Alberto Spotify – 25 beginner and intermediate level Portuguese lessons on Spotify.

Learn to Speak Portuguese with Portuguese Language PassportSpotify – These Portuguese Phrase lessons are ideal for travelers and beginners.

Teach Yourself PortugueseSpotify – This quick and easy Portuguese program consists of 34 lessons.

Learn How to Speak PortugueseSpotify – 11 beginner Portuguese lessons on Spotify with a total running time of over 6.5 hours.

Tá Falado Podcast – This podcast is part of a program created by Orlando Kelm for The Center for Open Educational Resources and Language Learning at the University of Texas at Austin. Tá Falado includes 46 podcast lessons to help students who have a background in Spanish to learn Portuguese pronunciation and grammar. The podcast consists of 24 pronunciation lessons, 20 grammar lessons, and 2 supplemental lessons, and provides direct comparisons between Spanish and Portuguese. All lesson transcripts and notes in PDF format and audio files in mp3 format can be downloaded.

Língua da Gente Podcast – This podcast is part of a program created by Orlando Kelm for The Center for Open Educational Resources and Language Learning at the University of Texas at Austin. This podcast teaches Portuguese as it is really spoken, “using brief slice-of-life dialogs”, focusing on everyday life situations. The podcasts range between 8 and 12 minutes in length and are available in three levels of difficulty: Beginning, Elementary, and Intermediate. Each podcast is accompanied by the English translation, and in-depth analysis of the pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar, and cultural content in the lesson.

Portuguese With Carla iTunes – Carla Sabala is a successful (European) Portuguese teacher who offers free video and audio lessons, in addition to her paid one on one lessons. She employs the best teaching techniques so that you can learn Portuguese quickly and easily.

Portuguese Lab iTunes – Susana Morais, a professional European Portuguese teacher from Lisbon, is the host of this fabulous podcast. Each episode will teach you useful grammar and vocabulary and prepare you to implement those new words and phrases in real situations. On her website, you will find her free videos categorized by learning level (Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced) in addition to some free bonus features like transcripts, translations, exercises, extra lessons, worksheets, and grammar charts for her audio and video lessons.

Audio Lessons for Linguatext Textbooks by Tom Lathrop and Eduardo M. Dias – Here you can download the free audio lessons that accompany the Portugal: “Lingua E Cultura” and “Brasil! Língua e Cultura” textbooks.

Todo Mundo Pod – This podcast is spoken slowly and clearly in Brazilian Portuguese.

Colloquial Portuguese: The Complete Course for Beginners – This collection of audio files, each a few minutes in length, provides concise and clear Portuguese language instruction for beginners. These free audio lessons were made to accompany the Colloquial Portuguese: The Complete Course for Beginners textbook, which is a book aimed at teaching Portuguese to beginners in a practical way to prepare them to effectively communicate with confidence in everyday situations.

ClicaBrasil Portuguese Lessons – Vivian Flanzer created the ClicaBrasil program as a tool for Portuguese language students at the University of Texas at Austin. The lessons were developed for intermediate and advanced level Portuguese language students and teach reading, writing, and listening comprehension, as well as grammar, vocabulary and oral communication. The program uses 157 video clips which show Brazilians speaking naturally about a variety of topics like their lives and culture.

Foreign Service Institute (FSI) Brazilian Portuguese FAST Course – The Foreign Service Institute (U.S. Department of State) originally created this and many other language learning courses to train government employees and members of the foreign service in preparation for a post abroad. The FSI Brazilian Portuguese Fast Course (F.A.S.T. = Familiarization And Short Term) was created as an intensive and challenging course that would yield the best language learning results in the shortest period of time.

  1. FSI Brazilian Portuguese FAST Course Volume 1 – This course is accompanied by an e-textbook with 327 pages and 14 audio files with a running time of 4 hours and 31 minutes.
  2. FSI Brazilian Portuguese FAST Course Volume 2 – This course is accompanied by an e-textbook with 350 pages and 20 audio files with a running time of 6 hours and 28 minutes.

Foreign Service Institute (FSI) Portuguese Programmatic Course – The FSI Portuguese Programmatic Course consists of 48 units are encompassed over two volumes and include textbooks in PDF format and audio lessons as MP3s.

  1. FSI Portuguese Programmatic Course Volume 1 – This course consists of 25 units and is accompanied by two e-textbooks with 1122 pages and 281 audio files with a running time of 14 hours and 32 minutes.
  2. FSI Portuguese Programmatic Course Volume 2 – This course consists of 24 units and is accompanied by an e-textbook with 629 pages and 215 audio files with a running time of 12 hours and 8 minutes.

Foreign Service Institute (FSI) From Spanish to Portuguese Course – This course is accompanied by an e-textbook with 101 pages and 4 audio files with a running time of 1h and 37 minutes.

Talk Portuguese by the BBC – This great introductory Portuguese course features well-produced video lessons that show Portuguese speakers in their local environment. The website is full of information and activities which enrich the course. Transcripts are available for each episode and worksheets can be printed out and completed after watching the videos.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Open Courseware – MIT offers a ton of free classes, several of which are in Portuguese. The Portuguese I and Portuguese II Courses are a great place to start as a beginner. If you already have a foundation in Portuguese, you can move on to the upper-level courses.

  1. Portuguese I Course – This undergraduate university level course was taught in 2011 at MIT. It covers the basics of the Portuguese language (vocabulary and grammar), provides an introduction to Portuguese culture with an emphasis on Brazilian Portuguese and is taught entirely in Portuguese.
  2. Portuguese II Course – This course is also an undergraduate university level course that was taught in 2012 at MIT. It should be taken following Portuguese I and will explore more Portuguese vocabulary, grammar, and culture and is also taught in Portuguese.
  3. MIT Advanced Portuguese Conversation and Composition Course – This MIT course is an advanced undergraduate university level course that was taught in 2014. It is designed to improve oral and written communication by studying and discussing topics related to cultural aspects in Lusophone societies, primarily from current issues in Brazil. In addition to providing an in-depth experience with the Portuguese language, the course emphasizes critical reading and writing skills.
  4. Accelerated Introductory Portuguese for Spanish Speakers Course – This MIT course is an advanced undergraduate university level course that was taught in 2013. The course covers the basics of Portuguese grammar and discusses the cultural aspects of the Lusophone world, with special emphasis on Brazil. This is an intensive introductory course for students who speak Spanish which is the equivalent of the Portuguese I and II courses.

3 Minute Portuguese: Free Taster Course on Udemy – The 3 Minute Language series gets students speaking from the beginning by providing a solid foundation in the language so they can easily start to communicate their thoughts. Includes 17 Portuguese lectures and 1 hour of video.

Gramática da Língua Portuguesa Course on Udemy – This short course teaches the basics of Portuguese grammar in 2 hours, in a simple way. Includes 17 Portuguese lectures and 1.5 hours of video.

ACM Online Portuguese Platform – ACM (The High Commission for Migration in Portugal) created the Program PPT (Portuguese for All) as an initiative to teach Portuguese as a second language to foreigners. This in-depth online learning program is organized into two levels: A Modules (A1 – A2) and B Modules (B1 – B2). The courses, which include text, audio, video, and images, provide activities to learn and practice oral and reading comprehension, writing, vocabulary, and grammar. The courses also teach about society and culture and foster intercultural awareness. The platform is composed of 24 modules (12 modules in Level A and 12 modules in Level B). The contents of each module are clearly outlined at the beginning and the student takes a test at the end of each module. Four exams are provided at the end of the A1, A2, B1 and B2 levels. In order to begin the course, you must create a free account and log in.

LanguageGuide.org – Explore the world of Portuguese by learning an abundance of vocabulary in a sound integrated, animated guide. After learning the vocabulary you can take part in games to test your comprehension.

Babadum – A free language learning website that features fun flashcard games to help you brush up on your vocabulary.

BBC Languages: Brazil Inside Out – This BBC website shares information about the Portuguese Language and about Brazil through interviews both in English and Portuguese. The program is hosted by journalist Alex Bellos who travelled to five key areas and shares about the amazing places in Brazil that he discovered. All BBC language learning pages were “archived” a few years back due to cost cutting measures, which means they are no longer adding new information or updating the pages. However, you should have no problem accessing the existing information.

ielanguages.com – This website offers free basic language learning text and audio instruction.

Learn101 – This website features free beginner lessons to guide you through learning Portuguese, step by step, starting with the Alphabet, moving on to grammar, vocabulary, and phrases, and finally offering simple quizzes to test your progress. These lessons are a basic introduction to the language and have images, text, and audio.

CoolJugator – CoolJugator is a verb conjugator website that makes conjugation easy and straightforward.

Ilanguages – This site is designed to teach Portuguese with free vocabulary, phrases, grammar, and flashcards while focusing on highly used words and phrases necessary for everyday living.

Polly Lingual – This website offers some fun games, exercises and beginner level instruction with lessons that include text and audio.

Portuguese Stories by BookBox – Cartoons have always been a wonderful asset to language learning, particularity for children. These animated children’s stories are great because the viewer can read along with the narration, which is shown on-screen as “Same Language Subtitles (SLS).” Each word is highlighted in time with the audio, which helps with comprehension and retention.

Omniglot – This site specializes in providing information about languages and their alphabets and writing systems.

Digital Dialects – This website makes learning vocabulary fun with interactive games, in both European Portuguese and Brazilian Portuguese.

Goethe Verlag – This website offers 100 Portuguese lessons for beginners, each with words, phrases and corresponding audio files, in both European Portuguese and Brazilian Portuguese.

Loecsen – Loecson offers a free mini-course consisting of fun lessons that provide a basic introduction to Portuguese with the help of text, audio, simple illustrations, and quizzes to test your progress. You will learn high-frequency vocabulary words and commonly used phrases relating to 17 themes which are relevant to everyday life.

Verbix – Online Portuguese verb conjugator.

Conjuga Me – This verb conjugator will help you with your Portuguese grammar.

Conjuguemos – Conjuguemos is a go-to site for thousands of schools that has helped millions of people learn their verb conjugations. Created by Alejandro Yegros, a high school Spanish teacher from the USA, it is described as a self-grading, self-timed conjugating and vocabulary-building program for learners of all ages that offers over 300,000 activities created by language teachers from around the globe.

Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center Portuguese Tutorial – These Language Survival Kit Modules for Portuguese contain basic vocabulary with audio for both European Portuguese and Brazilian Portuguese. Check out the Portuguese Pronunciation Guide, as well. Both the audio files and the PDF text can be downloaded.

LingvoSoft Portuguese Phrasebook – This site offers a basic phrasebook format with text and audio to help you learn essential Portuguese vocabulary.

Portuguese Vocabulary Test – This site offers basic Portuguese vocabulary lists and multiple-choice tests based on those lists, created by volunteers as a free language learning resource.

SimpLang Portuguese Lessons – This site features 25 basic lessons which include dialogues accompanied by translations and transliterations.

The EP Experience – Luís Domingos offers a lot of valuable and insightful information about Portuguese language learning and Portuguese culture on his blog.

Instituto Camões Virtual Learning Center The goal of the Camões Institute is the promotion of the Portuguese language and culture around the world. The Portuguese Minister of Foreign Affairs oversees the institute, which offers language learning courses and activities, most of which are not free. Their website does offer the following free supplemental resources for Portuguese language learners, which are organized by difficulty level: Listening Practice, Reading Practice, Speaking Practice and Games.

The Portal of the Portuguese Language – This portal provides free Portuguese language resources. Its primary offering is the Portuguese Orthographic Vocabulary (VOP) which is based on the MorDebe database and acts as an orthographic guide to Portuguese. A number of specific dictionaries are also available.

Portuguese Language Wikibook – This Portuguese Language Wiki has helpful grammar tutorials and two courses, one for Brazilian Portuguese and one for European Portuguese.

Quiz Tree – This website offers educational games and simple quizzes to test your language skills.

Surface Languages – This website helps you to learn words, phrases, and expressions in many different languages using audio, flashcards, language learning games and mini-courses. Choose to learn basic phrases in European Portuguese or Brazilian Portuguese and take a mini course in Brazilian Portuguese.

NativLang Portuguese Lessons – This site features beginner lessons, vocabulary, grammar tables and more.

Easy Portuguese – This site provides lots of useful Portuguese phrases and vocabulary along with a handful of beginner and intermediate lessons.

Learn Portuguese with Rafa – Rafael Tavares is a Portuguese scholar, author, and teacher who has created numerous language learning programs. He offers quite a bit of free content about European and Brazilian Portuguese on his site including lessons, vocabulary and in-depth grammar explanations.

Learning Portuguese with Russell Walker – Russell Walker is an author who co-wrote The Language Lover’s Guide to Learning Portuguese with Rafael Tavares. Amongst the free content on his site, you will find a ton of great grammar explanations and pronunciation guidance.

I Love Languages Portuguese Lessons – This site provides 17 beginner Portuguese lessons designed to help you improve your speaking, reading, and writing skills. Supplementary resources include vocabulary, grammar tips, and phrases.

Cultural Interviews with Portuguese-Speaking Professionals by UT Austin – In addition to touching on various cultural issues and business topics, these interviews with Portuguese executives provide a variety of examples of natural spoken Portuguese, which is helpful to language learners. This free educational resource is brought to you by the University of Texas at Austin.

Oneness Portuguese  – This interactive site features 10 Portuguese lessons, plus vocabulary and grammar tutorials, a dictionary, games and more. This short video introduction explains the site layout and provides guidance on how to use the program. The Oneness Online Language Training Courses is a free program, funded by the EU, which aims to promote Estonian, Finish, Lithuanian, Polish and Portuguese languages and cultures.

Lang-8 – This free network is a nice tool to support your language learning. Native speakers are available to make corrections to your text and provide feedback. In return, you provide help to others.

HiNative iTunesGoogle Play – HiNative is an app brought to you by the creators of Lang-8 that allows you to ask questions to native speakers from around the world using your smartphone. HiNative was created to be used alongside Lang-8, and is different from Lang-8 in that it focuses on a Q&A type of learning while Lang-8 is a journal writing experience.

RhinoSpike – RhinoSpike is an interesting website that connects language learners from all over the world allowing them to exchange audio files to help improve pronunciation skills. It allows you to submit text that you would like to hear read aloud by a native speaker, and in turn, you receive the audio file. In exchange, and to speed up the process you can, in turn, provide audio files in your native language for other learners.

MyLanguageExchange.com – This online language learning community connects you with other learners so that you can practice speaking in your second language with a native speaker and vice-versa.

Italki – A community of over 2 million language learners that facilitates free language practice with native speakers. You simply exchange time teaching your native language for time learning a foreign language, making it mutually beneficial and free.

EuroNews – EuroNews is a news media company that features news from a European perspective and offers content in 12 different languages online.

BBC News – The British Broadcasting Company provides news in Portuguese.

Deutsche Welle – German broadcasting company DW provides news in both Portuguese for Brazil and Portuguese for Africa.

Google News – Read the world news in Portuguese with Google News. Choose either the Brasil or the Portugal edition.

VOA News – Voice of America is an American broadcasting company that creates radio and television news in Portuguese.

SBS Radio Portuguese Program iTunes – SBS is an Australian broadcasting company that targets non-native English speakers and creates programming in many languages. This podcast allows you to listen to interviews, features and community stories from the SBS Radio Portuguese program, including Australian and world news.

NHK World News Japan iTunes – Japanese public broadcaster NHK provides news in Indonesian via this podcast.

United Nations Radio – The UN Radio program is available in Portuguese.

Radio France Internationale – RFI offers a broadcast in both European Portuguese and Brazilian Portuguese.

Expresso – This is a weekly Portuguese newspaper which is published in Lisbon, Portugal.

Público – This is a daily Portuguese newspaper which is published in Lisbon, Portugal.

Observador Articles by Lucy Pepper – These articles are written in Portuguese but are followed by the English version, which makes them a great learning tool.

Globo TV – This Brazilian TV network allows viewers to stream the news and various other programs and read the news.

Record TV – This is the second most popular TV network in Brazil.

Folha de São Paulo – This is a Brazilian daily newspaper.

Estado de São Paulo – This is a Brazilian daily newspaper

RTC – Cape Verde radio and TV network.

RTP – This is the main TV channel for the Portuguese Public Broadcasting Company.

Novo Telecurso – This YouTube channel features educational videos on important subjects like Science, Geography, Physics, and History among others, produced in Brazil for the purpose of distance learning.

WordReference – There is no need for a Portuguese-English dictionary if you have WordReference. Featuring good translations of words and solid definitions, this site also has helpful forums where Portuguese speakers from around the world contribute to explaining subtle nuances or more obscure words.

Forvo – This crowd-sourced site is a great tool to help with pronunciation as it allows you to listen to words and phrases spoken by native speakers.

Dict.cc – A go-to Portuguese dictionary and translation website which also offers crowd-sourced recordings by native speakers.

Bab.La – This “language portal” boasts 44 dictionaries for 28 languages, as well as a wealth of other language learning resources, such as helpful articles, games and quizzes, verb conjugations and phrase books.

LearnWithOliver – In addition to a dictionary, this site offers games and flashcards to support your Portuguese Language learning.

Collins Dictionary Online – Here you can access the online version of the popular Collins Dictionary.

Tatoeba – Tatoeba is a large, crowdsourced database of sentences and translations. This free resource allows you to search for a word and get results showing that word in sentences with translations.

Talkify – This free, multilingual website is a very interesting and valuable resource that allows you to listen to text in foreign languages. Simply insert a URL into the search field on Talkify and it will automatically detect the language and read the text of that website aloud in a natural sounding voice.

Cambridge Online Dictionary – Here you can access the online version of the popular Cambridge Dictionary.

Portuguese: An Essential Grammar – This Portuguese grammar textbook by Amelia P. Hutchinson and Janet Lloyd presents information in easy to read sections. And provides concise and clear explanations.

Portuguese English Visual Dictionary by DK – This colorfully illustrated dictionary will help you learn 6,000 of the most important Portuguese words and phrases that you will encounter frequently in everyday life.

A Brief Grammar Of The Portuguese Language Audio Book –  This book was written by John Casper Branner in 1910 as a resource for students looking for a fast and practical way of learning Portuguese. Dr. Branner led the Stanford Expedition to Brazil in 1911, among other expeditions in South America and was an expert on the geology of the area.

Transparent Language – Free online language level testing is offered by this language learning software company.

Syvum – Free Portuguese translation games, quizzes, printables, activities and more.

Goethe Verlag – Free tests in 25 languages and 600 language combinations. You will find 100 easy Portuguese vocabulary tests and 100 advanced Portuguese vocabulary tests.

Bridge Online Language Test

Cactus Language – This UK based language study abroad organization offers free online language level testing.

Language Trainers – This language training company offers free online language level testing.

Bridge Online Language Test

What Are Your Favorite Free Portuguese Language Learning Resources?

We have done a lot of research to bring you the best, free resources that the internet has to offer and we want to make sure our list is always comprehensive. Please share your favorites in the comments below.

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