Wild Weather


Wild Weather with Richard Hammond The Top Gear host reveals the hidden secrets at the heart of some of the world’s most extreme weather in stunning detail, experiencing extraordinary phenomena first-hand.

Wind: The Invisible Force

The first instalment focuses on wind, and sees the presenter brave temperatures of -45C on top of Mount Washington in New Hampshire, where in 1934 the highest wind speed ever measured on land – 231mph – was recorded. Richard investigates how wind actually starts, walks into the centre of a man-made tornado and employs fire to make a 10m-high whirlwind.

Water: The Shape Shifter

The host continues his investigation into the secrets of weather, focusing on the crucial role played by water, without which there would be no rain, no hail and no clouds. Mixing experiments with contributions from scientists, Richard goes in search of water in all its forms, discovering how rain could crush a car, trying to build his own cloud, getting involved in starting an avalanche and finding out how something as fragile as a snowflake can travel at speeds of up to 250mph on the ground.

Temperature: the Driving Force

Richard investigates the importance of heat – or the lack of it – when it comes to weather. And it isn’t just a load of hot air. Without temperature, clouds, rain, snow, dust storms, thunder or lightning would be unable to form. Along the way he builds his own massive dust storm, discovering how sand from the Sahara bounces its way to the UK, and also drops in on a scientist who creates lightning bolts in his laboratory.


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