Wing Chun: Ip Chun: Wooden Dummy Techniques and Applications


The accepted worldwide master of Wing Chun, Ip Man (Yip Chun) recorded this instructional footage, some of which you see filmed a week before his death, for the benefit of students and instructors throughout the world. An ancient story tells how, three hundred years ago, a nun fled from the destruction of the Shaolin Temple and brought the world a method of unarmed combat par excellence. This previously secret art is now the most widely practiced Kung Fu system throughout the world. Ip Chun is the son of Ip Man – Bruce Lee”s instructor. In this program, the Grandmaster performs the two forms against the Wooden Dummy then the forms solo, and finally the applications. * Wooden Man Form (2 angles)* Wing Chun History* The Air Dummy* Techniques from the Dummy * Chi Sao* Sil Lum Tao* Chum Kiu* Biu Jee* Ip Man 8mm Footage of Sil Lum Tao* Ip Man 8mm Footage of Chum Kiu

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